I will strive to make your portrait experience as pleasant as possible, as my purpose is to make you feel as relaxed and for us to have as much fun as possible.  We will meet at a local location that appeals to you or at one of my suggested sites that, from experience, have proven to be great for portraits.  Or, we can meet at your home if there are places that will enhance the photo session.


Or, even better, I can take your photos with a simple white background, or any background at all and then, in Photoshop, change, / and or add any background that you can imagine. 

All the original files are of very high resolution, to be used later for enlargements or reduced down for small standard prints.

The session will be mostly limited to immediate family members, or to a specific individual, such as head shots.

A deposit of 1/2 the total fee will be required at the time of booking, and the balance just before my creating your private on-line gallery.  Then, a disc will be prepared for you with large resolution files for you to make any copies and/or enlargements for yourself.

The photos will be posted on this private on-line gallery to be viewed and shared  by you and with your family/friends for one month.

Actual pricing will depend on the particular circumstances of your session, so to determine that, please call me at the number provided at the home page of this site. (914) 924-1694.

Local/state taxes will apply.


Note:  If you have any questions about the photos, be they artistic or technical, please feel free to contact me.



Art and Photography owe nothing to reality.....

When I take a photo, I feel as if I'm stealing the beauty of my subject for all time, or at least taking with me whatever I find visually stimulating in the world. Anything at all can capture my attention. As you will see, I'm normally attracted to beautiful, positive and compelling subjects, and tend to stay away from their opposites.  I think that there is just too much of that in the world already, to be sure.

I especially love to photograph animals of all types because I adore them to a fault. Especially, their total innocence and capacity to love.

I get a lot of satisfaction from making beautiful photographs out of rather mundane looking subjects. I think that this is a much greater challenge than, say, taking photos of already beautiful things, such as stunning landscapes, etc. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course. I do it.

Originally, having studied Engineering and not finding the work fulfilling, after a few years of that, I picked up the photo hobby, or "bug." Eventually, I ended up as a full time pro photographer in South Florida. Soon thereafter I moved to Manhattan, New York with my wife, Olga. There, I worked with the leading Advertising Agencies, Corporations, Magazines and top models, initially shooting fashion and beauty and later on, large format still life commercials for single ads and/or campaigns in my studios. I mainly worked with products, and/or models with products, both in my studios and on various locations in different parts of the world.

Working with Advertising/Commercial clients is extremely demanding and competitive, with many creative constraints, and considerable equipment/business investments, although the financial rewards are great. One has to execute very specific layouts exactly how the concept demands and a lot of money can be involved in the production. So, it had to be done right, the first time, especially when there was no high-quality digital equipment, just film.  All the while, appearing as cool as possible.  Wheew!

On any given day in my studio, there could have been an Art/Creative Director from the Ad Agency, any number of clients, attorneys, client/account representatives, an Art Buyer, models, prop stylists, make-up and hair stylists plus my assistants, hangers-on, and also my Agent/Representative.  That is a lot of people intruding on one's private mental world. It is all highly intense and it can only be done sanely for a given number of years. Some photographers can do it indefinitely, but many don't even try; nor should they, I believe. I certainly didn't.

Then, at one point, after a successful career, I retired early to sunny South Florida. But I continue to shoot (for myself only) personal creative work, which is what I originally went into photography for. No more creative constraints now. Anything that strikes my eye is game. This is what really fulfills me. It's more like 'making' a photograph rather than 'taking' a photograph. And not only shooting pictures, but hand-holding them all the way to the finished concept/print through the wonderful medium of today's digital workflow. 

I have also received numerous photography awards and have been published in many publications and books.

So, what you see here in my Web Site are simply my personal Artistic photographs, not my actual Advertising/Commercial photographic work while in New York City.

Also, I am a classical music lover and a serious self-taught amateur classical pianist. I devote 2.5 hours/day, every day, to practice my Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, etc., on my grand piano. I'm just crazy about it.

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